Bullying and Racism Australia

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  • Published : April 24, 2014
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Racism can either be really easy to see or really hard to recognise, especially if you’re not the victim. Racism can happen anywhere, in the public society, at your own home, and a lot at schools. Today I will be talking about racism at schools. Anyone can be racist or experience racism at any point in your life whether you are a student, teacher, parent, office staff etc. Racism is present in majority of Australian schools. Direct racism can be seen in incidents of racist abuse, harassment and discrimination. Racism is also established indirectly, in the form of unfair attitudes, lack of recognition of cultural diversity and cultural practices. The main effects of racism are name calling, teasing, exclusion, verbal abuse and bullying

Other Effects of racism in schools could cause the victim to be afraid of going to school, have trouble studying and concentrating in class, avoid school completely, Feel anxious and unhappy, and have trouble making friends, not speak their first language in fear of being teased or picked on and many more. Racism also leads to violence. Violence associated with racism occurs in Australian schools, either as part of the racist harassment or in retaliation to it. Different people take the racism and violence differently, sometimes it is just a little push and shove, other times It is stealing or property damage and fights between individual students. Because schools take an act of violence more seriously than bullying and name calling the schools tend to suspend The victim that used violence in a response to racism. If schools do not investigate the cause of the violent behaviour, the result may be that the students who were being harassed in the first place can end up being more severely punished than the racist bullies. This has the effect of reinforcing the racist behaviour by apparently rewarding the bullies and punishing the victims. A national study has found that racism fills Australian schools, with 80 per cent of...