Bullying and Its Effects on Delinquent Behavior

Topics: Crime, Columbine High School massacre, High school Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: September 26, 2012

This paper explores the subject of bullying and its possible effects on juveniles. It informs the reader of the history of violence in schools and it also addresses the different causes that influence school violence. It looks at this issue though a theoretical viewpoint, and names some of the theories that apply to this subject. It also informs the reader of statistics that relate to the subject. It portrays the different types of acts that make up the term school violence, as well as giving the reader some examples of cases in which the subject “school violence” was pertinent. It uses excerpts from written text as well as online articles from subject matter experts that have studied the phenomenon of violence among school students.

The issue of bullying is a problem that has been addressed more frequently in recent years. This issue wasn’t talked about more often due to the fact that that bullying was either not known about or not pertinent enough to attract constant attention from the public. Witted and Dupper state that, “High-level forms of violence such as assault and murder usually receive most media attention, but lower-level forms of violence such as bullying has only in recent years started to be addressed by researchers, parents and guardians and authority figures.” (p. 167) It is no mystery that students have been bullied in schools for years. However it was always seen as an act of initiation or simply passed off as “growing pains,” and the acts involved in these bullying incidents were not consisting of enough severity to warrant much attention. Usually the public became aware and involved in the subject only when the act of bullying led to an escalation of events that culminated in tragedy. It is only recently, in the 1990’s, that the public has identified bullying and violence in schools as a real threat. This subject has sparked interest in today’s society since it has...
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