Bullying and Its Consequences

Topics: Suicide, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 6 (2373 words) Published: May 24, 2013
"With ignorance comes fear- from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to acceptance." - Kathleen Patel Bullying happens worldwide and is a problem that has to solved. Often, people don't react until it is too late. Until this little boy or girl is so torn down, that he or she will suffer for a very long time. In some cases, event like this can become fatal, leading to serious injuries or even death. The question that you have to ask yourself is how to stop the bullying. How shall we deal with it? What can we do, until we reach that point where it is too late? In the past year, we have heard about several cases where people have been bullied. Where girls has been pushed to the limit, being forced to take their clothes of in front of a camera. In these particular cases that I will mention in this essay, the girls eventually committed suicide in one way or another. Examples like this caught my eye for this. That events like these causes uprising for a small period of time, until it's forgotten as fast as it came. Therefore, it was obvious to me to choose this as a topic. I want to increase awareness of what big of a problem bullying is. Just look around in school or work and you will find some sort of bullying. Aim

My aim with this essay is to increase awareness of bullying. I want others to understand more about what bullying really is and what it can do to people. I also want to make me myself understand more about bullying, to understand its consequences, what it can do to people and how to prevent it from starting in the beginning. In the later years I will hopefully get children myself, and as a parent you want your child to grow up in a safe society, where you don't have to worry about how your boy or girl is doing. If she actually gets the treatment that she deserves. No one deserves to be attacked either physically or mentally. That is why everyone needs to understand and therefore be able to stop it before someone gets hurt. I won't be able to do much about this problem. However, by writing this essay about this specific topic, at least I do something about it. If there are no heroes to save others, then you be the hero.

I am going to write a descriptive essay, in this case about bullying. How it occurs, its consequences and how we can stop it. As help, I will use articles as a main source, but also one or two movies or clips where people talk about their own experiences. Thus, I will describe and analyze facts that I gather from different sources and put it in to my own sentences. Background

All around the world, bullying is happening the moment you are reading this essay. Millions of innocent people are getting picked at, threatened, physically and mentally hurt. When things go bad, the victim may end up dead, either by being hurt by others or by suicide. Children are being torn down mentally, causing long term damages such as social and physical disorders. Nowadays, it is so easy for a little child or teen to just sit down behind their computer screen and attack a person. This is fact, bullying happens every year, every day, minute and second. In this essay, you will become more aware of what bullying really is, what its consequences might be. You will also read about some possible ways why these bullies do what they do and what we as a community and parents can, if not put a stop to it, do to at least decrease the rate of bullying. Discussion and analysis

Bullying is the use of force or compulsion to hurt others in one way or another. This behavior can have its meaning of hurting someone in a social or physical way. It can include such as verbal harassment, threat, coercion and assault in either physical or social way. The list of ways to bully is long and new ways to bully someone shows up very often. Reasons to bully may be on grounds of race, religion, look, gender, sexuality or some kind of physical impairment. Even here, the list goes on. The help of internet...
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