Bullying and Good Beginning

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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In the essay ”Bully Pulpit” Rachel Giese puts the question “Is anti-bullying hysteria harming our kids?”, and shares how the nemesis of bullying has matured over the years. She is of the opinion that the way it is being tackled exhibits generational obliviousness. Rachel starts off by sharing her personal experience over the past six months during which period her 8 year old son was reprimanded by the school authorities on many occasions for being a bully. The difference in bullying in her and her son’s generation has been that the line between the aggressor and the victim has been drawn thicker. Rachel explains that over last one year, because of bullying and extreme torment from their peers, several young people have killed themselves. As per recent reports more than 23 percent boys and 18 percent girls from grade six to ten have admitted to bullying others. This is a substantial number and it has become complicated to identify the victim and the bully. It further gets complex as we see some of the solutions for bullying. Tough anti-bullying bills have been passed but not many have seen into the fact “where do the bullies learn this behavior”. Rachel explains that the adults are the worst bullies and these are the examples children follow. Recognising bullying as a menace in society is a good beginning, but only passing tougher laws and acting rashly does not help as there is a definite need to understand what motivates bullying.
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