Bullying and Abuse: A New Fad?

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Bullying and Abuse; a new fad?

I am writing in response to a recent letter I read in your newspaper on the 29th of March about Bullying and Abuse and I have a few things to say in my opinion on the subject that bullying isn’t a problem and the topic of abuse. In the short story Johnny Blue by Archie Wellar, two issues both arise; these of which are abuse and bullying. These are two issues that occur in today’s society on a daily bassis and have been around for many years. Bullying is also a theme in a short storie that my English class and I studied, Jam Sandwiches by Jack Davis.

Bullying starts at a very young age in some cases it can start as early as kindergarden or pre-primary; this could even be over the growing rate of your hair or hight, typically when you’re in you find that people are trying to be individuals, more independent and they’re trying to find who they really are, but in doing this it is the start to many problems with friends, other peers, family and even teachers. When bullying occurs, it can come in so many different forms physically to verbally and cyber and it can have a terrible effect on a person’s mind so that they think poorly of themselves (phyisically i.e weight, hair etc.) and that they’re not good enough or they don’t fit in which can lead to other problems like the most common problem among people today- depression. Bullying (most commonly verbal bullying) is an attack on a person that stays with them through their whole life, wether is is small talk or very damaging and hurtful words, IT STICKS, FOREVER. It can cause them to change themselves, to become distant and to become unhappy with themselves as a person. Depression not only hurts the victim, but it hurts those around the victim like their family and close friends. Bullying bring me around to the other subject I am writing about; abuse. Most people think of domestic abuse between a wife and husband or boyfriend and girlfriend, though most forget about child abuse...
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