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By | October 2010
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Bullying, Who’s to blame?

Over the recent years bullying has become an increasing problem in today’s society, especially within our teenage community. With the development of technology over the years bullying has grown from once being a confrontation of people, to a larger world involving texting, instant messaging and emailing through a variety of online social website likes Myspace, Facebook, Msn, Twitter, Bebo, and the list goes on. But the question to ask is who is responsible for these bullies? Is it the parents, teachers, police or our government that are letting these immature teens demote their victims and get away with it?

Most of this bullying originates in school play yards, much caused by the simplest of situations that can be resolved. Which leads to the point whether schools and their staff are doing the most that they can to diminish these problems in the play ground and avoid any further hurtful bullying.

Resolving the problem does not just consist of suspending bullies because most will continue to do the same again,

support groups for these victims and set the right attitudes in the school. Although, teachers do play a big part in the management of this problem as they have the power to punish these offenders, so should our teachers be more strict on bullies to teach them a lesson?

In today’s society almost every teenager owns a mobile phone and/or a computer. This increases the risk of a problem they call cyber bullying and this taking place amongst most homes. Simple things like prank calls, anonymous text messaging and abusive messages are being exchanged constantly in every day life. Although many of these simple problems can be avoided with the co-operation and supervision of parents. Many of the online sites like ‘Myspace’ and ‘Facebook’ have ways so that parents can view everything that their child has sent, but only a very little number use it to their advantage. How do parents know if their children are...

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