Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Humiliation Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Compare and Contrast: Bullying
There are increased suicide rates in children and teens in the media due to bullying. By learning the characteristics and personalities of emotionally distraught children, also known as the “bully,” we can better understand the entire situation. If we as parents learn the signs of bullying, we can learn the effects that this act has on them and in return learn what we can do to help them cope with the lasting effects. The Bully

Understanding the characteristics of the bully and explaining this to our children we will be able to help them deal with this new issue in our schools. The children who are at higher risk of becoming a bully usually lack adult supervision or are abused at home. If the relationship between parent and child lack a warm affectionate component, there is a higher chance of the child becoming a bully. According to Jenny Cheever, a bully tends to be naturally aggressive, impulsive and dominating; even though not all children with these temperaments end up becoming bullies, there is an increased chance of becoming one. Even bullies have adverse reactions as they get older from bullying other children. They include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, and even mischievous behavior that may lead to jail time. The Victim

Victims of bullying unfortunately tend to have the visual flaws that most people do not have. Some children who are shy, withdrawn and socially awkward, or those who appear different from their peers are easily targeted. Children who are new to the community or have special needs with physical, intellectual or emotional challenges. Also targeted are children who are short, tall, or obese are again all at risk for bullying (Bell, 2013). Although most bullying happens in schools, there is the new age of bullying which includes cyberbullying via social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and so forth. These websites make it easier for children to be bullied simply because...
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