Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Workplace bullying Pages: 6 (2168 words) Published: March 17, 2013
A) What are some of the issues around bullying and social pressure in the workplace?

1)Website example:
“Canadian centre for occupational health and safety. “ Bullying in the workplace. Canadian Government, 08 march 2005.Web.08 march 2005
<http://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/psychosocial/bullying.html> This government website provides the general information about types Of bullying issues at workplace, and gives the various examples about being bully by people. Furthermore, effects of physical disease and mental pressure on the victim. Relevantly covers My entire topic, the best part of this source is that it covers how to treat when someone is getting Suffered. What can an Employer does to stop this violence and protect the victim? I think this is the best website which is covering all topics related to workplace bullying and social pressure? Moreover it is a Website source by Canadian government so it is trustworthy source. I found this resource through google.com. I use “bullying at workplace” to search the website. 2) Article example:

"Bullying more harmful than sexual harassment." The Journal of Employee Assistance Apr. 2008: 26+. Psychology Collection. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. The given article shows the physical and social violence at workplace. The Authors narrate three forms of workplace aggression. Which included rudeness and discourteous Verbal and non-verbal behaviors. This article gives perfect examples of workplace violence and Sexual harassment at workplace. People are getting disturb by bullying and affects their self- Confidence, work output, attitude, change in personal life. The ordinary person can use this Source as a guideline and use the examples to be aware in life not to get bullied. This source is new and updated by the authors. I found this article in the Seneca library in all database documents by using bullying at workplace in search bar.

3) Website example:
np. ” Resolving human rights issues in workplace. ” OHRS, np.web.np < http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/iv-human -rights-issues-all- stages -employment/12-resolving -human-rights-issues-workplace>
This web source give detail idea about social pressure at workplace and authors focused on the topic of women social pressure at workplace. And this website forms for the human rights and behaviour at workplace. But as per my opinion this source is not reliable and one cant be advised from this source because this web source is not updated regularly. In addition, this source is not appropriate for the relevant topic because it is related to policies and if the policies are not renewed regularly than its not perfect source to follow.so this is not a good source for given topic.

I found this website by using google search engine entering social pressure at work place.

4) Newspaper example:
Tilley. ” bullied ,margan nikol to bullied. “appeared in Oakville beavr 9sep 1990,13 aug 1990:25.
. This newspaper article tells a story of a person who suffer from mental harassment . The intension of this incident to publish in the newspaper so that people can come to know about this . but it is not suitable for my research but the incident is accurate and true story. This newspaper explains that how recession affects for the bully at workplace but it’s not Sufficient for the topic. It’s not new edition.

I found this newspaper at Toronto public library from the newspaper section.

5) Article Example:
"Social Work Under Pressure." California Bookwatch June 2012. Academic OneFile. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. This is a good book article for this research and relevant too. It is a short article of the book which covers the outcome of the bullying at workplace, for example one can suffer from trauma, sever...
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