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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Understanding Bullying
Kelly Cohick
SOC 312 Child, Family & Society
Instructor Laura Schulz
February 4, 2013

Understanding Bullying
I think that bullying would happen more in public schools that in private schools, because when a child is going into a school with children from different towns and they have never met the before they could get picked on. Even though some students in the private schools may be taught to get along with others there may be a child that comes into that school that the others do not like and they could pick on them. Both teachers and parents need to teach the children that bullying others just, because there is a new student or another child that they do not like is not always the way to go. I think that it is the setting that has the effect on why children would choose to bully others. There are children that bully others just to make themselves feel better, because they think that hurting others is the way to go. When children are in school they are around other children and there may be that one child that some do not like, so they think that it would be good to bully another child to make the bully look good in front of the other children. There are times when a child is being bullied and it make go too far to where they do not want to come out of there house or be around anyone else. My youngest daughter was having a problem with another child when she was walking home from school every day. The other child was calling her bad names all the time for over a year and I knew nothing about it and neither did the school. One day the child that it would be funny to start on her again by calling her names and she ended up taking matters into her own hands and hitting him, because she asked him to stop and he would not and she was upset over the whole issue. I believe that this situation could have been taken care of when it first started if she would have come to both myself and her dad plus she could...
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