Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Suicide Pages: 4 (1116 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Jessica Williams
Oral Communications
Informative Speech
March 15, 2013

I. Introduction
A. By a show of hands how many of you have ever heard the word “Bullycide,” or knows the definition? B. Video (1min 4 sec)
C. To enable you to be properly informed of Bullycide, the meaning and the effects, we will cover these topics:
1.Personal Testimony
2. National and Community Statistics
3. Warning signs
D. After noticing a few warning signs I realized my daughter may have been thinking of suicide. E. About 2 months ago Makayla come to me and asked, “Mom, do I embarrass you? Would you be sad if I was gone?” F. My daughter has suffered incidences of bullying on several different occasions right here in Wayne County. G. The worst case with my daughter began the beginning of this school year. She was teased, taunted and physically bullied and injured by a group of 4 boys. H. It finally ended when my daughter was knocked down a flight of steps and injured. The boys were punished only after my persistent pursuit for punishment and contacting our local newspaper and Fox 8 news. I. I thank god every day that my daughter is still alive. We are currently in counseling and have found support groups. I also decided to home school my daughter in hopes of giving her time to heal and learn new ways to handle issues. J. It is my hope that after this speech you will feel informed and armed with information concerning bullying and its role in the rising number of suicides among young people.

II. Body of Speech
As we all know bullying is alive and well across the nation, but it’s also right here in our own community. K. According to Bullying Statistics 2012 website, Officer.com Bullycide is a new term used to identify those children/teens that were victims of bullying and became so emotionally distressed that they committed suicide. L. According to Bullying Education website,Squiddo.com there are several types of...
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