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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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In the past couple of decades, school bullying has become a bigger threat to the United States. Bullying is the process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a more vulnerable situation (Encarta, 2009). School bullying is associated with numerous physical, mental, and social detriments. According to the 2009 Indicators of School Crime and Safety, about 20% of teens had been made fun of by a bully (2009). Educational environments should always be designed with the child in mind to help present a comfortable learning experience for all students trying to obtain knowledgeable information. No child should have to worry about someone trying to take that away from them. With all the various acts of bullying within today’s society, this is one matter that should be taken seriously. Bullying ranks higher than any other life stressor of pressures that students face in their lives. The act of bullying in school is a serious matter which must be handled before things become too uncomfortable for the victimized student. Bullies seem to cause problems in school, they cause victims to commit suicide, and eventually end up having problems of their own in their future. These persistent bullies that are posing threats to others’ lives should be expelled from school just to be sent to an alternative school to work out their problems. Something must be done. After all, it is time for a change.

There are countless types of bullying taking place in the world right now. Bullies tend to be aggressive, domineering, having a positive view on violence, impulsive, and lacking empathy with their victims (Benitez and Justicia, 2006; Carney and Merrell, 2001). Children are very vulnerable so when they are dealing with a bully, it is hard for them to find someone to be able to talk to about the situation. Most researchers would say that it all starts within the home or the environment that a bully may grow up in. Many parents may not acknowledge that what they do within the household may later have an affect on their child’s life. The bullying behaviors seem to decrease when a child has a parent who nurtures them, listens to them and understands or tries to understand the problem and why the child is being picked on. Some parents may say to the child, “what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”, after hearing about their child being bullied the first time in school. She may feel as if the boys are just horse-playing and will use the cliché saying that boys will be boys. Also older children in the home may also play a factor in creating a bully, as you may say. For example, an older brother in the house could be trying to toughen up their little brother and by doing so he may just throw random punches and other horse-playing things that many parents don’t see anything wrong with. This has a major effect on the future of any child. Research suggests that many children skip school for fear of being bullied or teased. Alleged victims are typically insecure about themselves, unassertive and cautious, and they rarely defend themselves or retaliate against their bullies. The bully chooses these guys because they look different from the bully’s perspective (I.e. weight, height, etc), they may also act different from the bully’s friend or the bully himself (I.e. quiet, nerdy or smart), or they may have some type of accent or speech impediment. Bullies don’t understand that their behavior can have a long-lasting impact of the children around them. Children who bully are more likely to get into fights, vandalize property, and drop out of school.

The victims of these alleged bullies may be physically and mentally abused. Bullying tears down self-esteem and it makes you question your self-worth and if the bullying is intense enough, it may make you feel like giving up on life. Bullying can lead to huge problems later in life. When bullying occurs in the schools, we definitely have a problem. The school is...
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