Bully Articles Summarized and Analyzed

Topics: Bullying, High school, Abuse Pages: 13 (4545 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Throughout the course of the semester I was trying to figure out the best possible topic for my future profession in the educational field. I finally decided to pick an increasingly talked about subject “bullying.” My main interest in this topic is how much bullying really can psychologically affect a student’s emotional developmental stage as well as affect students academically in school. While reading and annotating these articles I am hoping to discover some great statistics of research that other people had done about the affects of bullying in school. I also am really hoping to see some articles that talk about stories and different types of bullying. I have found many articles ranging even between different countries; maybe just the United States has bullying problems? The most important goal of my research throughout these articles will be to see the relationship between bullying and school violence, is bullying the number one reason for school violence? When learning which I hope all of these topics discussed, I hope just to mainly have a better understanding of what bullying is, what are possible solutions to stop bullying so when I become a teacher I can detect and defuse bullying throughout my classroom and hallway. With recent technological advances bullying has escalated to a whole other level. Cyber bullying meaning the idea of bullying someone with text data bases examples facebook, myspace, etc… These new outbreaks of bullying have become quite a scare for many, now bullying Is not only a problem at schools, but when students go home many bullying tactics can still occur. With all the possible problems with bullying people as well as I have realized that this is a problem that cannot be pushed to the side.

Article One
“Two Studies Highlight Links between Violence Bullying by Students”
The main idea of this article is talking about two very large studies that have proven school bullying and violence will lead to incidences of violence later on. During the first survey researchers came up with a way to find out if bullying is affecting children’s overall social and emotional development while the second survey was aimed at little children to find out what sparks bullying; is it the first signs of behaving aggressively or is it possibly the idea of small children being rejected by other peers. Nan D. Stein concludes that although the state legislature has passed new laws in order to prevent bullying, she feels they offer to weak of protection for the victims and few liability concerns for school administrators.

I believe the article was a great combination of two great surveys which seem to be quite useful when trying to put together a proper writing assignment. With the information presented by the author I can now see actual research done for small children as well as high school adolescence. After reading this you begin to feel the amount of caution that the author is writing with. You want to help, because you had no idea how big of a problem bullying really is. The author also presents a great article because of the sources she uses, Mr. Dodge, a public-policy professor at Duke University as well as Nan D. Stein, a research scientist at Wellesley College.

This article will be very useful to me throughout my final paper, reason being that this article shows a great amount of statistics as well a few great sources who explains how bullying is a major problem throughout the public schooling system. In this article there is a chart which shows percentages of students who admit to carrying weapons to school because of bullying. Surprisingly the statistics are quite shocking and almost numbing. Research found that students who have been involved with bullying whether the victim or the tormentor were 1.5 times more likely to carry a weapon and 1.6 times more likely to carry it to school with them.

Article Two
“The Emotional Reactions of School Bullies and their Victims”...
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