Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 5 (1673 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Maybeline winters who is 10 years old ,wakes up on a beautiful Sunday morning hearing the neighbours children running and laughing outside as they are playing tag in their back garden. She also hears her parents making breakfast down stairs while having some sort of funny converstation and her brother having a good laugh along with the characters on the show he is watching on the television. This sounds like a perfect way to wake up wouldn’t you think....and yes , to Maybeline this was the perfect way to start a beautiful Sunday. But Sundays are terrible days for Maybeline who once was one of the happiest children in the neighbourhood. She Loved school and couldn’t wait each holiday for school to start. She had the highest of self confidence and esteem and she was bright , cheerful and always happy. That was then and this is now..... Tomorrow is Monday and just as every other Monday which has past over the last 6 months, Maybeline begs and pleads with tears in her eyes to her mom to let her stay at home and not go to school. Sadly there is a hundred and sixty thousand other children in America let alone in Australia or any other country for that matter, who feel just as Maybeline will tomorrow morning and that hundred and sixty thousand number alone is just the number of children who misses school on a daily basis because they suffer from the same illness as Maybeline Winter does. The girl with the bright smile and the cheerful personality now suffers from extreme anxiety and depression . She has been through and still very sadly goes through extreme abuse... abuse caused by fellow peers at her school, which has taken her self confidence and her sense of secuirity and left her with a life full of fear, sadness and loneliness. As you can surely tell by now Maybeline is being bullied. She has been called ugly names some because her hair on her legs are a little longer and thicker than some of the other girls in her year and , been teased because her shoes are not like the other girls shoes. She has been spat on because her skin colour is slightly darker than others. Maybeline has lost all of her closest friends because her bully has turned them all against her by spreading hurtful and mean lies and spread awful untrue gossip saying she wrote nasty things about teachers and other pupils on the school furniture. When Maybeline is to ill to attend school she comes back to a classroom filled with her classmates making fun of her runny nose or her cough that sounds like a dog barking, sadly if they only knew that she suffers from croup and there for, when she coughs her lungs hurt so badly that the sound that escapes from her sore lungs sound similar to a dogs bark. Why make fun , when all they can do instead do is perhaps offer her a glass of water or a tissue for her runny nose. But no instead they choose to be ugly and mean ....why do they all do that... is it because one child starts doing it in order to look cool and popular to rest of the class ?

During class when maybeline answers questions or is called to the front of the class to present something , the other girls start to giggle and laugh making her feel in ady quit and self aware. She instantly looses her condidence in which case she starts to do poorly academically and withdraws all effort in class from there on. ... there is so much more I can tell you about how Maybeline gets bullied every day at school , but It makes me sad to think that not only does she have to go through this everyday but in America alone 4 million other children get bullied at school each year. This is eqivelent to 16.5% of the population of Australia. ...So don’t you think there is too much bulling in the world ..... Maybeline Winters is now 31 years of age and has been on medication since the age of 10 to assist her with her depression and anxiety disorder which she developed from those nasty insedent at school . Maybeline cant bring herself to go out with others, she...
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