Bullshit Army Essay

Topics: United States Army, Virtue, Security Pages: 4 (1249 words) Published: February 2, 2013
OP Sec Working Title

Operational security is an extremely important part of our everyday lives while in a deployed enviroment. This fact is amplified that much more when the deployment includes being stationed in a country where the enemy could go undetected, as our foes do not wear a uniform. In a war where there is no front, and as part of our out reach with the citizens of the country that we are occupying, it would be incredibily easy for our enimes to merge themselves into our everyday dealings. With that knowledge, it becomes ever more imnportant to maintain a hold of items that could easily be aquired by our foes. These items include papers, documents, unlocked computers, and identification cards. If left unattended or unacounted for, a potential for a security breach is very likely.

With a breach of security the enemy could potentially obtain information that could lead to getting a step up on our forces, and in a worst case scenario beconme directly responsible for the death of military personnel. Likewise is true for the misplacement of the militraty identification card. If left in the wrong hands, the identification card presents an oppurtunity for frodulent entry, and/or duplication. In some replications of military identification cards, detection can be difficult, if not impossible to untrainned persons. Due to the difficulty of detection, and the relative ease in which someone can obtain United States militray uniforms, it would be all too easy to impersonation a service memember. This could lead to all sorts of additional security problems. History has been laced with examples of people mascurading about in uniforms, doing all sorts of damages to their opposition.

When an infringment of opperational security occurs, it is made that much more severe when the infraction goes unreported. Being blindsided by such a potentially devestating situation adds to the damages that could become of such an incident. Without the knowledge of a...
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