Bulls on the Loose

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Young Bulls on the Loose
By Prof. Rex Nettleford

The dramatic closing paragraph of Prof. Nettleford of his article “Young Bulls on The Loose” make a clear and remarkable contradiction that left me wondering why the writer arrived at this unconvincing ending; But after analyzing the entire essay I could say that Prof. Nettleford is conscientious and realistic, to the fact that everything else can change, animals can became extinct of the world but men behavior is not going to, a Man “… wants control over his life”. When it comes to human being one cannot just talk about behavior or mind setting; so through-out Prof. Nettleford combines narration, argument and exposition to nicely engage the readers to talk about the issue of gender and how “young bulls” struggle to proof themselves to society. Firstly, saying that mothers play an important role on mind settling of their youth is eminent, while rising their children, preparing them for “adventure and survival”, like for example when they are assigned duties, these are usually outdoor tasks, whereas the females are responsible for indoor chores. In general, boys are allowed to play outside and roam while the girls are left to help around the house. Secondly, Prof. Nettleford Ironically explains how young bulls feels threatened by heifer generating polarity on our young male’s self-worth; as male, they have been conditioned to the notion that power is expressed in the pocket, but they are facing the fact that girls and women now have power of property, the male is in pain, feels inadequate in terms of achievement and performance. Little was said about the exemplar role of fathers and the spectrum that they represent on young Bull’s mid settling, but highlighted on the closing paragraph as the behavior example of what will never change on Bulls in our society, it is clear that fathers and types of family structures affects childrearing, values, and lifestyles. Especially nowadays when both mother and...
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