Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Rhetorical question Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Have you ever felt what it is like to be bullied?’ Today I will focus upon and explore some social, historical and political aspects that influence and establish the ideas and values of bullying. In the novel Shadows in the Mirror a famous novel written by Cameron Nunn, published in 1996, based on a true life incident of school bullies ‘running the school’ Throughout the novel Nunn creates a sense of imagery, Nunn uses the metaphor ‘dingoes smelled blood’ this crates imagery of the bullies as animals who prey on weaker animals. This has connotations of bullies being evil and shameless. ”who’s you boyfriend then, Thomson” the bully says to Thompson. Using a rhetorical question to create aural imagery of the bully’s sarcastic tone. By Nunn using these techniques it creates empathy from responders, creating a connection between the reader and the novel. The novel conveys emotions that all teenagers fear. ‘Duncan (the bully) ‘threatens a student to make them feel uncomfortable and scared. “He’s not serious about the initiations is he?” By Nunn using a rhetorical question and direct speech it creates a scared tone. Readers can relate to this as most people have been worried, causing them to feel sympathetic for the victim. In the novel Nunn also shows that teachers can also be the bully. In one scenario the teacher’ (MR. Smith)’ victimises a student to perform tasks in P.E lessons, teasing him due to his sexuality. Causing the victim to be upset and continued on bullied by his fellow peers. “what are you, some kind of girl?” and “ What’s the matter Thompson ? My grandmother is stronger than you.” The rhetorical questions challenges Thomson to consider his masculinity and lowers his self-esteem. The direct speech creates tone, building characterisation of Mr. Smith as a ruthless bully. We see teaches can also be the bullies, this connects to young readers as they may have felt victimised by teaches at their school. Nunn uses situations that still happen in our...
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