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Dante Bloom
Spanish 1

Shockingly Bullfighting is a huge tradition in Spain. Bullfighting has been going on in this country since 1726, the crazy man to try this was Francisco Romero. This tradition is very dangerous, just imagine a large and angry animal with horns running after you trying to kill you. I would personally never do it. Spanish-style bullfighting is called corrida de toros or la fiesta. In the traditional corrida, three matadores, each fight two bulls, each of which is between four and six years old and weighs no less than 1,014 Pounds. Each matador has six assistants, two picadores mounted on horseback, three banderilleros who along with the matadors are collectively known as toreros and a mozo de espadas . Collectively they comprise a cuadrilla. The participants first enter the arena in a parade, to salute the presiding dignitary , while a band of music plays. Torero costumes are inspired by 17th century Andalusian clothing, and matadores are easily distinguished by the gold of their traje de luces as opposed to the lesser banderilleros who are also called toreros de plata. The matadores wave this red cape back and forth, the bull reacts in chasing them. Obviously the matadores will run or dodge out of the way a series of times. In America our version of Bullfighting is called a rodeo, but a lot different. Instead of actually being chased by the bull you ride the bull. This style got its name because when a person fell off the bull it would often trample over them , so they use rodeo clowns to distract the bull. The French do another type of bull fighting, but its probably boring because they use a cow instead of a bull. I...
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