Buisness Studies Unit 11 - Task 6

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task 6 unit 11

Much like all companies, Krispy Kreme also has several processes to identify and issues that are present in the restaurant itself or the company in general. One of the ways Krispy Kreme monitor Customer service is they have informal customer feedback. This involves customers giving general feedback on the items they have received such as, “this coffee is cold”, “that was really tasty, thank you” or “I’ve been waiting for ten minutes this is taking the Michael”. This allows the staff to analyse specific areas of the store they need to adjust, it also allows staff to keep an eye on Customer service informally. However, this is not something Krispy Kreme does to keep an eye on customer service because the feedback is obviously given by customers out of their own choice, although Krispy Kreme are keen to receive these given feedbacks Krispy Kreme aren’t actually able to keep this method constant for example, I.E they have no control over this way of analysing the customer service. Even though customer service is highly useful for Krispy Kreme I wouldn’t classify it as something they themselves do to keep an eye on their stores Customer service.

Another method Krispy Kreme use to see how ‘up to scratch’ their stores’ customer service is they use ‘Customer comment cards’. This are utilized by the Customers once they have taken them home, and are sent to a freepost address, where to comments are taken onboard by the staff of Krispy Kreme and hopefully (Most likely) acted upon. The questions that are on the ‘Comment cards’ most likely include something along the lines of…

Food Quality /5
Cleanliness /5
Friendliness of Staff /5
How fast the service was /5

Another way that Krispy Kreme assesses their Customer service is they have informal ‘staff huddles’ weekly. This is a perfect opportunity for staff to bring up any issues they have noticed within the Krispy Kreme store. These issues can vary from environmental issues,...
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