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eUnit 1: Manage own performance in a Business Environment
Unit Reference number: L/601/2519

1.1 The purpose of planning my work task allows me to identify the task I am required to carry out doing this would also help me to establish time scales as to how long I have to do to carry out each task. By me being accountable to others for my own work means that other people within my work setting are relying on me to perform well.

1.2 /1.3 When my supervisor sets me task to carry out I list them in order from one onwards, one being high priority, this than makes it easier for me to identify the time in which I have to complete each task. Prioritising my work ensures all important task are dealt with rapidly and effectively.

1.4 There are numerous problems that may occur during work may vary from conflict amongst colleagues to service users making complaints. In my setting both of these scenarios have set policies and procedures that need to be followed should a problem arise. In terms of conflict amongst colleagues staff are encouraged to try a resolve that problem amongst themselves, should this not be possible they are to put their complaint into writing and speak to management. Staff are also encouraged to deal with conflicts as soon as possible to help prevent the issue escalating and becoming more serious. Complaints given from parents are dealt with in a similar manner for instants when a parent confronts staff to make a complaint the staff are to ensure they listen to all the parent has to say and if possible they are to resolve the issue themselves. If the staff feels the complaint is serious and warrants the managers attention the parent would where possible be asked to put their complaint into writing this would then be passed to the manager who would deal with is accordingly.

1.5 Within my setting it is important for me to keep others informed about my progress because me not doing so could result delays in information...
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