Buiness Processes

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Weight Watchers - a simple, new approach to weight loss. Weight Watchers has helped millions of people around the world to lose weight by using a healthy and rewarding system (WWI, 2013). This company was founded by Jean Nidetch in 1963, and today the company operates in 30 different countries (Nordqvist, 2009). There is a whole world of temptations out there and Weight Watchers makes it possible for anyone to be able to control that desire to eat anything you want and keep the pounds off. They use multiple systems and techniques such as meetings, a points plan, the three step approach, and the weight loss tool kit to keep the person dieting focused toward their personal, realistic goal (WWI, 2013).

Weight Watchers is a service oriented business, which means, “it is a company whose primary function is to perform labor tasks for customers; as opposed to a product – oriented business” (Trautmann, 1994-2003). This means Weight Watchers is in existence for the good of their customers, who are people who want to lose weight and change their lifestyle. Within Weight Watchers, there are many ways they achieve a high-level of customer satisfaction which can be shown in several ways. Using the aspects of service operations management, I will show you how and why Weight Watchers runs a successful and well functioning service to the public. Some specific areas we will look into will be the service operations concept, the five competitive objects, the quality, supply chain management, capacity management, and corporate social responsibility.

The first topic that will be covered is the “service operation concept,” which is can be broken down in to these four sections: experience, outcome, operations, and value. Customers of service – oriented businesses believe and value the business’s service concept; this is what they are “buying.” The service concept should be a clear and elaborate shared understanding of the business’s operational strategies and should be different from the brand and business model (Slack, 2010). Weight Watchers’ customers should expect their ‘experience’ to include weekly meetings where there is support groups provided to help guide them through the course of their weight loss. This is so they are not undergoing this difficult process of on their own. Within the meetings customers have experienced guidance from a Leader who has lost weight using Weight Watchers and they will help find strategies that best fit the individual. At these meetings, the customer will have a confidential weigh in to help motivate them toward success (WWI, 2013). After the customers are satisfied with their experience they will start to notice the ‘outcome’ of their experience, which is the next step in the service operation concept.

The ‘outcomes’ that are seen would be the weight loss of the customer, which guides them to a healthier lifestyle. Once a customer reaches their goal weight they become a “lifetime member” of Weight Watchers. Once they reach this point they are able to continue going to meetings and continue getting weighed for free, so that they have constant support. If the customer gains more than five pounds of their goal weight they have to start paying for the meetings again. Either way Weight Watchers provides a lifetime of support and plenty of sources to help the customer meet their goal weight. They are even located in several locations around the world, which is the third step in the service operation concept, “operations.”

Weight Watchers can be seen everywhere such as, on the street, in the grocery store, and even in large businesses. If someone is driving down the street is it easy to spot a Weight Watchers building because of its distinctive letters, bright blue color, and consistent logo. Weight Watchers’ food is also noticeable in grocery stores because is it usually in some sort of a blue container or bag and the Weight Watchers’ logo is really big on the front of the package. This makes...
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