Building a People Strategy – Nando’s

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Building a People Strategy – Nando’s


Founded in 1987 in Johannesburg, Nando’s is a casual dinning restaurant known for its unique Portuguese and Mozambique style cuisine. The restaurant gets its name from its founder Fernando, who is the son of a Portuguese national living in South Africa. Nando’s specialises in chicken dishes including its famous peri-peri chicken. Currently Nando’s operates in 26 countries including: USA, UK, Australia, UAE, and Singapore, just to name a few. The company’s entrance into the UK market began in 1992 with its first franchise opening in Ealing. UK franchises are owned and operated by the Capricorn Ventures International group. As of August 2009 there was a total of 214 Nando’s restaurant located throughout the UK. The company also operates online web stores in Australia, the UK and the USA. Many of the restaurants products and apparel can be found online or in major supermarkets (

Business Strategies and Goals

Nando’s main strategy is to be a unique casual dinning restaurant that offers an individual experience in each of its locations. The company prides itself on being connected to the communities it operates in and strives to partner with them in reflecting their characteristics. Each franchise is distinctive and decorated in the style of the surrounding community; a restaurant located in London will look very different to a restaurant located in Dubai. This uniqueness sets Nando’s apart from its competitors in that Nando’s restaurants become part of their communities.

The goal of retaining and increasing Nando’s customer base is best met through providing excellent customer service. The company takes great care in making sure its employees are well trained in the art of customer service. Whilst often called a casual dinning restaurant chain, Nando’s desires to make every customer’s experience something unique and lasting. They want their customers to return and tell others of their wonderful experience. For Nando’s, this is in part achieved through offering excellent customer service.

Nando’s operates under a family ethos. Each member of staff is referred to as a Nandoca and is considered part of the Nando’s family. Employees are trained to treat customers in this same family ethos manner. When a customer dines at a Nando’s restaurant the goal is to make them feel as if they are enjoying a family gathering.

Not only does Nando’s train its employees on excellent customer service, the company also prides itself on offering exceptional training in general. This focus on training has afforded the organisation several training awards including: National Training Awards and Best Companies Accreditation awards. Nando’s seeks to not only train its employees, but also to develop them with the goal of creating a sustainable business. Many employees stay with the company for years and move through the ranks of the organisation.

As Nando’s is a privately held organisation it seeks to be successful and generate a profit. The company’s growth strategies include expanding in current and new markets. In the UK alone, the organisation has goals of adding 30 new restaurants this year alone ( Nando’s is also coming on strong in the US and desires to expand heavily there.

Investing in people is another main strategy employed at Nando’s. The company not only invests millions in training and developing its own people, it also invests in the local community. Individual restaurants often display the art and profiles of local artists. Nando’s houses one of the largest collections of South African art displays in the UK ( The company has also joined the United Against Malaria campaign ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Along with other organisation’s, Nando’s has entered into the campaign to help raise malaria awareness.

Pressures and Problems

The pressure of competition has...
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