Building Technology Sba

Topics: Laborer, Occupational safety and health, Jamaica Pages: 7 (1292 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Building Technology School Based Assessment

Name: Kevan Taylor
Subject: Building Technology
School: Meadowbrook High School
Centre Number: 100075
Territory: Jamaica
Topic: Concrete Production
Year of Exam: 2011


This research focuses on the production of concrete at a concrete producing factory, Pre-Mix Jamaica, located in the corporate area of Kingston and St. Andrew. The aim of this research was to get a substantial and in depth analyses of the concrete producing company so that a report can be presented. In the report, definitions, descriptions and explanations will be given on the contents presented and also, the details of the aggregates used and the tests done to ensure acceptable quality of the products ; this will be outlined with the aid of pictures and diagrams.

The data was collected by visiting the production site where an analysis was done after interviewing managers, specialists and other officers and personnel on the ground. Cameras were used to take photos of critical areas of production and testing.

Table of Contents

Topics Page

➢ Jamaica Pre-Mix Ltd.
• Careers
• Norms/regulations/codes

➢ Impact of technology on careers
• Employment/Unemployment
• Security or Processing
• Environmental

➢ How Moral and ethical issues are addressed
• Legal policies on safety, health and
• Moral approaches to handling health,
• safety and welfare issues

➢ Summary

➢ Appendices

Jamaica Pre-Mix Ltd.


As with any other organization, Jamaica Pre-Mix Ltd. has workers of several different career fields in each of their departments. Through the employment of these various professionals and skilled workers the company is able to adequately function and achieve its objective. In fig.1.1 a sample of the various skilled areas and career/posts are shown.

|Careers | | | | |Site Managers |Quality Controller | |Drivers |Office staff | |Pump Operators |Security personnel | |Supervisors |Maintenance | |Batchers |personnel |

Table outlining the career fields present a Jamaica Pre-Mix Ltd. Fig 1.1


For any organization to function properly there must be regulations and codes to guide its operations. Every organization also has a culture, norms and values that it develops overtime. Outlined below are norms that were observed as well as some of the codes and regulations, that governs the operations of Jamaica Premix Ltd.

• The workers in the production department wear vests of different colours. This is done as a means of identification.

|Workers |Colour Codes | | | | |Supervisors |Red | |Driver |Green | |Pump Operators |Orange |

Table outlining the colour codes of the workers Fig 1.0

• While some of the workers wear vests, others wear formal clothes on which the logo of the company is attached.

• While on the plant, it is ensured that safety...
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