Building Self -Esteem

Topics: Education, Self-esteem, Want Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Building Self-Esteem
India Creek
Kaplan University
College Composition ll
Professor Luana McCuish M.A.T.E.
November 1, 2012

Building Self -Esteem

My Big Idea will be to start a program in schools that will help students build their self-esteem and show students education is important and will benefit them in the end. My thesis statement is, “Students need a place to make them feel important and teach them to love themselves. School should be that place and then the dropout rate will decrease. My thesis statement is effective because as a former student that was on the verge to dropping out and had low self-esteem. I know that a program named Futures helped build my self-esteem and made me feel good about going to school again. The challenges I will face is funding and proving to educators that a student with high self-esteem will go further than a student that has low self-esteem. To begin with researching my topic, I will go to show how low Baltimore City/ County dropout rate is to other Maryland counties. The Baltimore local newspaper that has an educational section that is updated with the latest news about education. Maryland public also has the latest information about about Maryland schools. The CEO of Baltimore city public schools Dr..Andr`es Alonso during his term has made a big improvement in Baltimore City’s school so I would like to interview him . I would also like to interview one of my former mentors from the Future program Mrs. Vicki Lawson to see what was the pros and cons of the program. My pitch for this program would be:

There are so many of Baltimore youth either in jail, pregnant, in the streets during illegal acts or dead. We need to show our Youth there is another way by getting them back in schools and working with them. When I say working with them I mean whatever their issues are for not wanting to be in school fix it. For...
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