Building Relationship by Communication Supportively

Topics: Communication, Metacommunicative competence, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 21 (6249 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Letter of Contribution
Table of Contents
Chapter I
I.2Identification Problems
I.2.3Tables and Diagram Conclusions
Chapter IIProblem Analysis
Chapter IIIObjective
Chapter IVLiterature Review
Chapter V

First of all, researchers want to thank the Almighty God who has given His grace so that researchers can complete this project. This paper could not have been accomplish without the splendid support and teamwork from the members of the group four, the various chapters were written by Dea ​​S Amelia Ginting, Vira Az-zahra J, Rahman Abdillah, Leo Wu, Sherly I Suri, Salsallya Diska C, and Nguyen Min Thu. Supervision and also comments on chapters were received from Ir, Muhril Ardiansyah, M. Sc, Ph. D as the lecture of career management subject at President University who also gave researchers the opportunity to understand more about building relationships by communicating supportively. This project will not be completed without his support.

Gratitude is also expressed for all the above-named persons for their contribution to this paper, and a special thanks to PUMA Banking and Finance as our correspondents on doing this paper without them researcher will not get the data that needed to complete this project. And researchers would also like to thank to colleagues of Banking and Finance Class 2, which also helps researchers in difficulties to complete this project.

Chapter I
I.I Background
In every single community or organization, relationship needs to be considered. The organization is fully responsible with their mission and work plan in which needs an actual cooperation among all members. Undeniably, the cooperation will be brought by building positive relationship, including vertical and horizontal relationships. As written by Neil Kokemuller (2012), these relationship types based on the position of each participant within the organization that help the leader control and manage his people while they are struggling to enhance good performance in order to achieve their organizational goals. Commonly, the organization has vary relationship problem insides. It could be personal matter or even every department experiences the crucial problem in communicating while they are working. The personal matter can be caused by how the members influence each other and understand their peers because every person has different characteristics, ideas and perspectives. This thing is the same way as when each department gets communication problem. Communication problem leads the uncontrolable organizational relationship. It occurs when the members cannot solve this problem, such as miscommunication, restcontact and less understanding, and further this gives impact on how they interlace the relationship with whom they have the communication problem, then their performance will be affected indirectly because they have a difficulty to build supportive communication. Supportive communication helps to resolve conflict or achieve change in a situation while preserving, even strengthening, the relationship between the communicating individuals as said by Sharon Secor (2012). Thus, the atmosphere of balanced performance will be determined by how the leader creates supportive communication within the organization. Finally, all the members should be more aware of what they need to do for gaining the quality of relationship if they have communication problem in the organization. In this occasion, the research team would like to observe, identify and overcome the communication problem that may impact on relationship building in the legal organizations in college. It involes one big legal organizations President University Major Association (PUMA), in President University during the research. This research will capture how the communication...
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