Building Program of Hatsepsut

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  • Published : July 2, 2011
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Describe the building program of Hatshepsut

Hatshepsuts building program incorporated both tradition as well as revolutionary ideas and concepts to New kingdom Egypt, and was important in communicating these ideas to both people of her own time, and in the future.

By keeping to tradition, Hatshepsut engaged in her countries history as well as embracing its people and culture resulting in gained respect and trust from her fellow countrymen, but by incorporating new ideas and concepts, she opened up future generations to a new way of planning, constructing, calculating and to think on a broader and grander scale, allowing for grander, more efficient and culturally enriching majestic projects as well as the beginning of a new way of life.

Hatshepsut undertook a building program that reflected the confidence, stability and wealth of early 18th dynasty Egypt. Her extensive building activities stretched from Nubia to Memphis and for the first time, included middle Egypt. This meant that she was viewed as a strong powerful ruler, and resulted in Egypt becoming stronger and more united, as all areas were being brought together and taught to work as one. The inclusion of Middle Egypt is significant as it resulted in essentially a more unified Egypt, as well as the growth and development of Egypt in the future.

At Beni Hasan she built a rock cut temple ( now called Speos Artimedos), and as well as bearing an inscription of a list of all Hatshepsuts building projects , it records her claim to have restored the temples abandoned during Hyksos rule. This gave Hatshepsut both political and religious presteige. She was viwed as to having restored Ma’at to Egypt.

This is significant as it is not only a clear record of history, but it reflects her strong and stable mindset of her origen and definite right to rule, despite her gener. This can been seen as resulting in revolutionizing Egypt by taking on such a concept that modern day has yet to fully embrace....
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