Building My Own Empire

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Building My Own Empire
Most of people just want to find a stable job after graduation. However, the thing I would like to do is to build my own business instead of a stable job. To run a company is not an easy task, I have to consider and plan very clearly before start running the business. Even though having own business is challenging, I still attempt to do it because that is my dream. There are some reasons why I want to establish my own business.

To run the own business is challenging. What are the reasons why challenging is? Most of people will stay in the same company when they find a stable job, and do the same things day by day. When every month ends, they earn what they earn. Usually there is nothing special will happen. In other words, their whole lives are always controlled by their boss. For me, this kind of working style is very boring. Nevertheless, running the own business is another story; it will face variety of challenges. For example, my friend and I had a business before; sometimes we faced some emergencies like the supply of resource is broken, or the problem about the money. Those emergencies were unexpected, and once these things happened, we had to find a correct decision to solve as soon as possible. Even though they were all very dangerous tasks, we felt satisfied once we achieved all of them.

The other reason that I want to have my own business is because lots of people do their jobs which they do not like, so I want to establish the business that I am interested. However, not every people can create the company, I have to find a right one that is suited to me. My goal is to establish an international trading company, and the reason is because my major is Information Management that includes engineering part and business part. However, I do not like engineering, so I choose the business field to develop my business. Furthermore, I find there are a lot of potential profits about importing and exporting goods between country and...
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