Building Information Modelling (Bim)

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Traditional Construction Projects:4
BIM as a Paradigm:4
BIM as a Philosophy:6
BIM Implementation:6
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)9
What Technologies Can Be Used to Implement BIM:10
CAD Technology:11
Object CAD Technology:11
Autodesk Architectural Desktop:11
Autodesk Parametric Revit Technology:11
Bentley Systems:15
BIM at the Design Phase:15
BIM at the Construction Phase:15
BIM at the Management Phase:16
Advantages of BIM:16
Disadvantages of BIM:17
Some potential pitfalls:17
BIM Potential Future Applications:18
References – Journals:23
References – Web Site:23


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a new evolution in process coordination. The access, management and coordination of information is integrated into a database system, lending its self to process automation and ensuring that all parties are privileged to the same, up-to-date information. The facility to keep the information accessible and up-to-date within the BIM integrated digital environment provides all parties, especially clients, a clear overall vision of their project allowing them the ability to make better decisions faster, enhancing quality and improving project profit. As a result many benefits are obtained (cost and time savings etc...) allowing engineers to deliver high quality, high performing, sustainable and efficient projects that will inevitably ensure that the needs of today are met without compromising the need for future generations to provide for themselves.


Productivity within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry has always been criticised. One of the key aspects associated with this is the communication and integration between respective disciplines. At present the industry is severally fragmented, it is essential for a high level of communication to exist between all parties working on the project to ensure no aspects of the project are overlapping or left unconsidered.

The Building Information Modelling (BIM) system attempts to resolve these issues via the use of a single, collaborative system. The BIM system uses a traditional 3D model approach built up of contributing aspects from relevant disciplines with whole life cycle processes added around the skeleton of the model. Thus, adding parametric qualities to the model. BIM is implemented to some degree within every construction project, with time it is certain that the higher levels of BIM will be implemented as common place.

Pioneered by Autodesk, BIM is an innovative integrated approach to construction design, build and management. Construction is a team game and BIM is reshaping the way project teams work together and improve outcomes for all. However, the idea of BIM is not new and the motion of BIM based Computer Aided Design (CAD) has always been hailed as the ‘ideal’ way of digitally designing / representing an object, typically a building structure but until recently has not been practically / logistically practical (mainly attributed to the limitations of desktop computer power).  

The integration of Information Technology (IT) to the industry over the past 20 years or so has caused new waves of innovation to many engineering processes and practices. Hugh reductions in error and compressed process time scales have been implemented with BIM seen as the next progression and evolution to project data management with an aim to unify document control systems and data storage. The concept of BIM is the result of modern computational development. A new computer aided design (CAD) concept will require changes to the traditional methods of CAD based works, with numerous disciplines all contributing to a single model a change in working mythology is required. Traditionally 2D CAD designs are comprised of drawing entities used to represent...
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