Building Best Practice in Human Resource Management

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary:2
Human Resource Management Defined:3
The Historical Development of Human Resource Management:3
The Welfare Tradition:4
Scientific Management:4
The Behavioural Science Movement:5
Best Human Resource Management Practices:6
2. Recruitment and Selection:8
3. Training and Development:10
4. Communication:11
5. Managing12
6. Performance Appraisal:13
Difference between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management13
Nature of relations13
Relation of power and management14
Pay policies and job design16
Pfeffer’s 7 Best HR Practices Theory (1998):16
1.Employment security16
2.Careful recruitment17
3.Team-working and decentralisation17
4.High pay with incentive element17
5.Extensive training17
6.Narrow status differentials17
7.Extensive communication18
Electronic Sources:21

“Building Best Practice in Human Resource Management”

Executive Summary:

As part of the subject People Management, I was required to prepare a detailed project on the following topic “Building Best Practice in Human Resource Management “and provide an explanation as to what HRM is, detail its history and describe how it differs from Personnel Management. My final purpose behind this research was to clearly demonstrate what practices are relevant and relative in HRM as a means to stimulate high performance.


The primary aim of this project is to examine the current literature available on the topic of HRM and also to gain an understanding of the many different ways employees can be managed by building best practice of HRM in an organisation. Building best practices in human resource management is about creating an environment in the workplace that allows employees to perform to their best of their abilities. It is about creating a relationship with employees, helping to encourage and motivate them to reach their highest performance potential. There are many different HRM best practices available for organisations to implement which will increase the overall levels of organisational performance. In this project, I will discuss what human resource management is, give a brief history of human resource management, examine current literature, and from my findings, take you through some of the HRM best practices available. I have chosen to discuss:

1. Flexibility
2. Recruitment and Selection
3. Training and Development
4. Communication
5. Managing
6. Appraising Performance

In the next step in my project I will also discuss the difference between Personnel management and HRM and demonstrate how they are different under significant areas. I will also add credence to my research by discussing Pfeffer’s 7 Best HR Practices Theory (1998). To conclude I will summarize my research with reference to “Building Best Practice in Human Resource Management” and by what means I feel it can support with high performance.

Human Resource Management Defined:

“Human resource management is defined as an aspect of organisational management concerned with the management of an organisation’s workforce. It is one of the most difficult aspects of organisational management as it means dealing with people who differ physically and psychologically” (Human Resource Management in Ireland-Gunnigle, Heraty, and Morley, 2011 pg. 1)

“Human resource management is defined as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organisation’s most valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives.”(A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice-Michael Armstrong, 2006 pg. 1)

“Human resource management is the attraction, retention and development of high calibre individuals” (Noel Harvey- Class Lecture)

The Historical...
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