Building an Innovative Workplace –New Strategies in Gen Y Recruitment

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Building an Innovative Workplace – New Strategies in Gen Y Recruitment Executive Summary

The purpose of this study was to uncover the elements of cutting edge, culturally competent global Gen Y recruitment strategies. For this study, JBC collected data from 50+ multi-national companies and current academic scholars. JBC then synthesized the most cutting-edge recruitment processes to create this report. This study is unique in that it examined current practices and theory across functional areas, including HR, Diversity, Recruitment, Social Media and Global Human Rights. Table of Contents 1. Recruitment Strategy – Networked Approach 2. Implementation – Three Steps in Global Diversity Recruitment 3. How to Tailor Recruitment for Gen Y Audience 4. JBC Recommendations for ERG Collaboration 5. Case Study: Ernst & Young’s Global Approach to Talent 6. Optimizing Engagement Across Employee Life-Cycle

What is JBC?
JBC is in the business of transforming human potential and aligning individual performance with organizational results. We specialize in three key Practice Areas, offering Strategic Best Practices in: Diversity + Inclusion, Leadership, and Innovation. JBC is dedicated to meeting client needs with practical solutions and a solid ROI. JBC keeps its finger on the pulse of business practices, research, and trends, and our client service providers have years of experience across industries and use some of the most cutting-edge approaches. For further information, contact JBC at: or call +1.917.769.1599

1. Recruitment Strategy – a Networked Approach
To attract a diverse talent pool, company recruitment focuses on 3 types of networks: Formal, SemiFormal, and Informal.

Across Generations







Integrating diversity into each network approach •Provide scholarship and mentoring •Sponsor programs for minority candidates •Develop secondary school outreach •Choose organizations to partner with •Provide professional opportunities for affiliated members •Craft messaging that resonates with diverse candidates •Reach out to virtual/open source networks

Formal (Institutions)

•Existing + New University Relationships •Language Programs + Professional Prep (More common in Asia)

Integrating Diversity

Semi-Formal (Loose group affiliations)
Informal Networks (Ad hoc /New networks)

•NGOs; Women’s Organizations •Minority Scholarship Programs

•Social Media Networks •Local Networking Events

Gen Y Recruitment


Building an Innovative Workplace – New Strategies in Gen Y Recruitment Executive Summary

2. Implementation – Three Steps in Global Diversity Recruitment

Step 1: Identify Top 3 Diversity Dimensions Per Region
• Align with global diversity recruitment strategy with current diversity focus dimensions: Gender, Race/ Ethnicity/Nationality, LGBT, etc. This ensures a “local” approach to global diversity recruitment efforts – not US-centric. • Choose 3 local demographic focus groups in each region – this can be regionally directed. Note: It is often easiest to select groups with existing local organizations/networks

Step 2: Find New Networks
• Explore formal, semi-formal, informal networks per region. Create a short-list for each. • Build relationships and gain credibility in each network. This can start with a simple meet-and-greet.. • Create affiliations with diverse professional and experienced hire associations and networks.

Step 3: Where Networks Lack Diversity – Build Pipeline
• When diverse communities cannot be found in formal networks (Universities and other institutionalized programs), reach to secondary school, or lower, to build that diverse pipeline.

3. How to Tailor Recruitment for Gen Y Audience
Speaking Gen Y
• Gen Y the Job Description – Attract Gen Y candidates by expanding your organization’s view of potential talent. Gen Y experiences and background may...
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