Building an Ethical Organization Part 1

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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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Building an Ethical Organization Part 1
Andrea Dent
May 27, 2012
Beth Elbertson

Building an Ethical Organization Part 1
I was just appointed director of a women’s treatment facility. At this facility we offer inpatient treatment for women and their children up to two children. We offer outpatient treatment, aftercare, individual counseling, family counseling, group sessions, 12-step meetings and job readiness. This organization is a non-profit organization where we have to seek funding from outside resources and have to follow strict guidelines. Our mission statement is to improve the quality of life for women and children with care, compassion, and strength. Providing respect and dignity to all women and workers. Our mission statement will support the ethical system my making sure that by treating all clients with dignity and respect. Making sure that we allow them to know that they are the most important ones there. We as human service professionals will negotiate with our clients about the purpose and goals of our relationship with them and inform them of any limitations prior to our service. We will make sure that we protect their confidentiality. We will make sure that they are safe at all times. We will follow guidelines when it comes to having to share information about our clients. We will advocate for our clients if we see that we need more services or extra funding to continue to provide services. We as an agency will make sure that all human service workers are in the scope of their particular expertise. We will make sure that we have a grievance policy so that issues can be heard amongst all that is involved so that it can be resolved in an appropriate and timely manner. The message that will be sent to the community is that we are aware of all local, state, and federal laws. We will continue to keep ourselves informed about current social issues and how it affects the clients and the community. We will allow the...
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