Builder Request

By: Dikita Whipple
I cannot imagine any condition which would cause a ship to founder. I cannot of any vital disaster happening to this vessel. Modern shipbuilding has gone beyond that. Captain Edward Smith
If this is discipline, what would have been disorder?
Senator Smith
Send SOS, It’s the new call and it may be your last chance to send it! Harold Bride

I have not many words to say about what happened that faithful night on Titanic. The memory still rest in my head as if it just happened all over again. Yes I remember it as if it happened yesterday in my own very eyes. It all started off as a normal morning for me and my family. We stood there just waiting for the boat to arrive in front of us. I was about 15 years old, standing on the dock with my little sister next to me, wishing that it was time to get on right then. We waited and waited for hours until it finally showed up. All I could do was jump with glee because I was outside in the cold air. Soon after we got on the boat and was wondering where our room were. Our rooms were on the low part of the boat on the C level. It was cold and a little uncomfortable for me but I had to deal with it. The first night my mother let me roam free on the upper deck. As I climb the stairway I saw a girl with red hair. I wonder what class she was and if I could be friend with her. I thought to myself for a while, and then I proceeded up the stairs to the upper deck. Once I finally got up there, I got to see the ball room. I saw a band playing, servers everywhere, rich people sitting at a table having rich conversation, and people dancing in beautiful dresses and men dressed in fine clothing. I stood there in a glace until a man came up to me. He stood there as if he was a statue just looking down on you. He then asked me “What class on the boat are you on?” I ponder there for a few seconds until the girl with the red hair told him that I was...
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