Build a Bear Company Case

Topics: Concept, Marketing, Child Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Build-A-Bear Company Case

1. This case easily shows the individual needs of a customer. The customer gets to feel like an individual throughout the whole concept of building their own bear. This allows children to become individuals at an early age by simply designing your own toy the way you want. This product isn’t a must need, but toys in general seem to be for children. Why wouldn’t parents pick this company, when it allows the children to be completely satisfied with their purchase. Clarke easily settles the demands of the consumers by bringing more options to the table. Just by bringing the whole sports concept behind this brings new customers. What would children rather have a stuffed bear of their favourite hockey player, or a bobble head that does merely nothing? 2. This concept is very simple. The transaction being made is obviously money, but also the option children get for their childhood bear. Clark’s products prove that with the exchange of money, the consumer will be 100% satisfied with their purchase, because it is totally up to the consumer what style they would like. 3. I feel Clark leaned towards the product concept. She is continuing to make improvements in her work on a yearly basis. She has brought in the sports industry, the partnership with sketchers, to even give your bear the shoes you desire. She has completely improved the Build-your-own concept, by now having dinosaur and car toys as you wish. This idea has modernized again the demands of the consumers, and I feel this is only the beginning of this new branch of marketing. 4. Lately in modern marketing the idea of building a lasting memory with the consumer seems to be the success of many companies. This company shows another great example of this by having that personal connection with every customer. These product seems to influence the family to believe that it is not just a product, or a store but a lifestyle like Tim Horton’s is for...
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