Build the Bridge

Topics: United States, American Dream, Student exchange program Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: October 13, 2011
Because of the language barrier, a tiny sparrow would never be able to understand that an eagle's great pride is to accept anneal from inclement weather. Because of the language barrier, humble grass would never be able to know that the ambition of a lofty tree is to chase sky. Because of the language barrier, a narrow steam would never be able to read the broadness of a sea is to nourish all oceanic creatures. Because of the language barrier, people are more likely to build a sizable number of invisible walls to block away authentic emotional communication when they encounter a situation where two people speak different languages. Therefore, it is very important to surmount the language barrier and build a stout bridge to connect people's heart in order to accomplish achievement here in the United States. The United States is a democratic country where everyone has the same opportunity to gain acclamations. In Clark Charles's article, he notes that "INS records show that since 1820, the earliest year records were kept, fully 60.7 million immigrants have come to America, plus uncounted others who came illegally'' (11). The reason people want to come to the United states is because the United States has freedom, opportunities, democracy and the best education system in the world. These traits attract students to come here from every corner around the world to achieve their ambition. These traits strike people's chords that encourage them to move here to pursue their American Dreams. Their braw dreams will not become true if there is a language barrier. For immigrants, knowing English can overcome the language barrier, which is the only ticket to the American Dream. According to Masci David's report, he argues that "Recently retired Rep. Toby Roth, R-Wis., one of the leaders of the official-English legislation movement in Congress, told a press conference in December that ''new Americans were some of his biggest supporters because they see learning English as the...
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