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Justin Bugbee
period 1
Job shadow project
To start with I went to Harllee Middle School to sit upon a science teacher. His name is David Soles he is also the athletics director at Harllee. Some of the topics I will be going over are his job duties, working conditions, the required skills, education and training, and the salary and benefits. To begin, the job duties are pretty important. In class he has to be organized and have his papers in order. He also has to set up some sort of curriculum in class, for example: printing out work sheets on physical and chemical reactions. Or making a video/getting a video of the internet to show your student while in class to teach them several different ways. You have to get to work on time Mr. Soles got to work an hour before class time to set up what the class would be doing in class that day. It was very important to him that his class asked questions so that they knew exactly what he was talking about. Next thing I noticed was the working conditions. Everything was well organized and put together really well. The procedures were clear and it was easy to understand. You could find anything around the class room if asked it was a very simple set up. Also it was a very comfortable learning environment which made the class less stressful during the period. When Mr. Soles asked questions he held a ball to through to one of the students to answer the question I thought that was a very cool and intelligent Idea.

The final thing Is the education, the salary, and the benefits. The education you need is a Bachelors degree and the steps you take once you have a Bachelor are applying for a position at a school. For any promotion or next step in the school or educational level you need your Masters degree so that you can apply for principle or assistant principle. The salary is between 30,000 and 45,000 as a teacher and they get full benefits like health, dental, retirement, and life insurance. My conclusion is that...
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