Buffalo Wild Wings

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As the Buffalo Wild Wings website famously states, “It all started with two guys driven by hunger ("Buffalo Wild Wings").” In the year of 1981 two men by the names of Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery made the move to the state of Ohio after previously residing in Buffalo, New York. After yearning for the famous buffalo wings they would normally find back home, these two gentlemen had no choice but to open a restaurant and share the delicious delight of Buffalo style chicken-wings they had only encountered on numerous occasions in their hometown. Their initial craving for a food that was no longer in reach was the beginning of a chain of restaurants that served a style of wings that cannot be mimicked. Still to this day, The Buffalo Wild Wings experience is a one-of-a kind encounter that keeps its customers coming back. The fun filled atmosphere in which they provide is enough to make their competitors wish they knew their secret. Buffalo Wild Wings is far more than just a restaurant that serves wings, but its array of menu items and bar full of drinks provides its customers with a casual way to spend their down time. The product, special deals that are offered, and the Buffalo Wild Wing name alone is one that isn’t easily compared. This is the exact reason this particular restaurant is one of the top-ten fastest growing restaurant chains in the country. (“Buffalo Wild Wings”)

Though competition does exist, as in any industry, Buffalo Wild Wings does a fine job of creating an experience combined with a delicious meal that isn’t easily found elsewhere. After all, this was their goal. The restaurant also promises to stand by the communities in which they operate. With the economy at its worst, BWW has taken the initiative to designate particular days of the week to sell their famous wings at an all time low. They offer a variety of sauces to satisfy the customer’s desire of flavor, and promise a good time while doing so. The website states, “You can always feel...
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