Buffalo Uses

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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The hoof of the buffalo was used for making hatchets or mallets for butchering animals. The hoof was also used boiled down, and made into glue. The Native Americans also used parts of the hoof to make pendants, rattles and tipi doorbells. (Native Americans.com , 2007)

The tail was used to swat flies. Some of men used the tails in the sweat lodges to sprinkle water on the hot rocks. War clubs were also made as well as medicine switches, whips, lodge exteriors, and decorations out of the buffalo’s tail. The tail was also used as a tie for the lift pole for the lodge. (Redhawk, 2004)

The hair/ fur of a buffalo was used for many different things, as no part of the buffalo was ever wasted. Shed hair was tied on the head as remembrance of the coming of the White Buffalo Maiden. Hair was also worn in the Sun Dance as a hair ornament, and it was worn by an “intercessor” (or mentor) of the Sun Dance. Various horse equipment and halter were made from the hair/ fur of the buffalo. The Native Americans used the hair for saddle padding, stuffing for dolls, pillows, and balls for children’s games/medicine balls. (Redhawk, 2004) Decorations on armlets, and belts, as well as ornaments were made of buffalo hair. (Redhawk, 2004) The buffalo hair also made great stuffing for moccasins when it was cold outside, making it like a thermal lining of the moccasins. The Native Americans were known for their artistic ability of painting with paint brushes made of buffalo hair. Rope was made from buffalo hair by braiding or twisting it together. The buffalo hair was also used to make false hair, and the lining of clothing.

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