Buffalo Essay

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  • Published : November 15, 2014
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Brandon Norwood
Buffalo Essay
The three stories “Buffalo Woman”, “The Coyote and Buffalo”, and “Buffalo and Eagle Wing” all have a buffalo that plays a major role in each story. All three of these stories both have similarities and differences among them, that are explained in each story as you read them. Also they share their own Native American Value to the readers as well to show them their own form of culture.

The similarities aspects are very similar among the three stories. The reason why, is because the “role of the buffalo” is shown as a creator in each story. For example, in “Buffalo Woman” the woman creates people as she leads to the light, while in “The Coyote and Buffalo” the buffalo is trying to change the Coyote’s personality from bad to good. Also in the “Buffalo and Eagle Wing” the Buffalo tries to transforms things with the powers he has. In addition to that, the buffalo is also a leader as well. The reason why is because in “Buffalo Woman” she guides the “creatures” out of the underground cavern to show them the light, thus making turn into “humans”, as in “The Coyote and Buffalo” the Buffalo tried to teach the Coyote a lesson, but is repaid in the end by having his horns replaced by the Coyote. Another reason is because in “Buffalo and Eagle Wing” the Buffalo is creating things for everyone with his “powers” to be a leader in his own right. In addition to that, each Buffalo also have characteristics which include “power and wisdom”. The reason why, I state this is because each story has wisdom shown from all the buffalos and power as well. These similarities are critical because it shows what they all have in common.

As for the differences, among the three stories we can analyze they showed the same thing. This is because their important roles shows how the Buffalo is related/plays in Native American Culture. Another reason why is because in “The Coyote and Buffalo” the Buffalo was a teacher, while in “Buffalo Woman” she...