Buffalo Bills Research

Topics: Buffalo Bills, National Football League, American Football League Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: December 11, 2012
The Buffalo Bills: Then , Now, and Forever

The Buffalo Bills have seen their ups and downs since their start in the 1960s. Some would call them one of the worst teams ever, but that’s not what I see. I believe that the Buffalo Bills are one of the few great teams to ever be in the NFL. They were the only team to make it the Super Bowl four consecutive times. Even though they lost, it is something no other team was good enough to accomplish. The Buffalo Bills are the last real New York team; the Bills are the only New York team to have a stadium actually in New York. Some think that the stadium should be moved out of Buffalo or that the Bills should be sold. I think the Buffalo Bills are a contribution to the rich history of Buffalo New York and should stay. To understand the struggle to greatness you have to know how it all started. The Buffalo Bills were the seventh team to be admitted into the new (AFL) American Football League. Ralph C. Wilson, the founder of Ralph Wilson Industries, was awarded the franchise on October 28, 1959. After more than three decades in the AFL ,in 1970 began the merger with the (NFL ) National Football League. The Bills have experienced extended periods of extreme dominance and compromising defeat. The Bills had a stroke of success in their fourth season .In 1963 they tied for the AFL Eastern division but then sadly were defeated by the Boston Patriots . But instead of giving up, they found themselves not just winning their division but defeating the San Diego Chargers each year for the AFL championship in both 1964 and 1965. In the 1973 season the Bills new stadium was opened and it was located just a few miles south of the town Orchard Park. The stadium was originally called Rich Stadium; the Bills played the New York Jets in their new stadium on September 30, 1973 and won a close game with a score of 9-7.The story behind the switch in venues started off because of size expectancy from the NFL. The Buffalo Bills played...
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