Buenavista, Guimaras Investment Paper

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Geography and Climate

The Municipality of Buenavista is located at the northern tip of Guimaras Island. The northern and northwestern part of the town overlooks Panay Island and the North-eastern portion faces Negros.

Dry Season- November - February
Wet Season- May - October
Ave. No. of Rainy Days/Month -16
Ave. Monthly Rainfall -60 mm
Ave. Monthly Temperature -27.3°C
Ave. Max Monthly Temperature -29.9°C


The Municipality of Buenavista started as early as 1581 with Gonzalo de Peñalosa. He was struck by the fine forest timber, limestone deposits, excellent hunting and fishing grounds of the island. To guard against Moro invaders, the Spaniards built a wooden port in 1602.

Buenavista became part of the “visita” of Oton and, in 1591 was annexed to the Parish of Iloilo under the Augustinians. In 1847, it became an independent parish. The Navalas Church which is the oldest in Guimaras is as old as the Jaro Cathedral. It is a reminder of the strong influence that Spain swayed over the political and cultural life of Buenavista.

The American regime marked the period of economic prosperity. It was in the early 1900 to 1908 when the Sto. Rosario Wharf was developed and Camp Jossman established at Barangay Supang. Fresh from West Point, then 1st Lt Douglas MacArthur led the group of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initiated and developed the 7- kilometer road linking the Sto. Rosario wharf and the Camp Jossman at Brgy. Supang.

Political System

The political system is composed of the executive department headed by the municipal mayor and the legislative body headed by the vice mayor together with 8 Sangguniang Bayan members and 2 ex-officio members from the Liga ng Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan.


The 2007 Census Report for the Municipality of Buenavista registered a total population of 43,817 with an average annual growth rate of 2.20 percent with 8,373 households. Those belonging to the working age group (15-64 years) comprise more than one half (60%) of the total population. The age group with the most number of populations is those who age 10-14 years old.

• 36 Barangays
• 19 Inland Agricultural Barangays
• 17 Coastal Barangays
• It has 105 hectares for Commercial Development (CLUP 2005 to 2035) • Labor skills present among the populace include carpentry, masonry, welding, painting, heavy equipment operation, driving, tailoring and etc.

The Economy


The Municipality of Buenavista is characteristically considered an agricultural town with 19 of the 36 barangays devoted to farming. The area of land devoted to crop production is 3,928.47 hectares, which represents 30.63% of the total municipal land area of 12,826 has. The agricultural production of the municipality depends largely on food and high value commercial crops. The total area for seasonal crop is 2,487.32 has. and the area for permanent crops total to 1,441.15 has. Major crops grown include coconut, mango, citrus, banana and coffee.

Major Crops: Est’d Prodt’n

1. Rice – 2,041.44 has – Php 70.05 M
2. Corn – 244.28 has. - 2.27 M
3. Root Crops - 125.50 has. 11.29 M
4. Vegetables – 76.10 has. 5.74 M
5. Legumes - 18.70 has. No Data
6. Coconut - 455.40 has. 59.20 M
7. Mango - 319.00 has. 63.80 M
8. Citrus - 415.00 has. 16.60 M
9. Banana - 216.50 has. 1.40 M
10. Coffee & others - 35.25 has. No data
Land area for crops 3,928.47 has.- 230.35 M

Livestock and Fisheries
The Municipality of Buenavista is also identified as a key livestock development area with a record of 10,026 heads of duck, 36,128 heads of chicken and 1,632 heads of cattle in 2011. Fishpond...
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