Budget Project

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Budget Project

In my budget project, I have put the life of a professional singer together. I chose to do this because the idea of being professional is a way people see you as a person, and also how they will act and treat you. Another reason I chose to be a professional singer is to make a lot of money, and get the car and house I have put in my budget project. A good reason that this life was put together is that I am completely comfortable with it. I am comfortable with it because, to be a good or even great singer means the more money and tours to take. Now another specific part in my budget project was the spending money. For this part of the project I had $3,469.24 left over, which is a lot of money to spend. Well, if I were to spend this money each month, it would be on very useful things. One would probably be a new microphone if mine broke, or a stand for the microphone. Other than that, a second choice would be groceries and maybe some saving money to use later. To have negative spending money on your budget project would mean that you owe the bank or government money. Next part of this budget project, one page, double-spaced paragraph, is to look back at my budget. If I were to change anything on my budget it would probably be the house. I would like to change this, because the price on the house is so high, it is $1,400,000, and that is one expensive house. If I got a house for less money and the same amount of beds and baths, I would definitely change it. Well, now another question is if parents should take their time to look at their budget like this. Now I think parents should definitely look at their budget this way, so they could save money, and help get more things done faster, or in less time. Finally I have reached the last question on my budget project. It asks, “What did I learn from this project?” For the final answer, I would have to say that what you learn from this project is an opinion I don’t want to answer, but others might.
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