Buddy System

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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Talent Induction
The Buddy System

What is a Newie Buddy? Buddies are the person who will guide the new members through their entire induction process.

What is the Buddy System? The Buddy System is one effective way to ensure that induction goals are met through the use of Newie Buddies as main tool of delivery. According to resources and reality the Buddy System can be implemented in many ways and the role of the buddy can change. There are a few examples on how it can be implemented.

AIESEC Hanoi chooses the 1 to 1 Buddy - Newie relationship to implementation this system. Cool ways to implement the Buddy System 1. Divide new members in groups and assign a Buddy as facilitator of the group. The whole induction process can be delivered in these home groups. 2. Mix the Buddy system with other methods (sessions, conferences, etc.) Some sessions can be done in home groups others can be done through LC meetings. 3. Assign a Buddy to each newie, the Induction will be delivered through different methods (conference, session, meetings) but each Buddy will meet the newies regularly to ensure the consolidation of the what’s is being learned. Who can be the buddy: Buddy needs to have enough experience and skills to be able to deliver the induction and also should have knowledge about mentorship, should be clear about their role as buddies and the tracking system. Said that, usually a buddy is an EB member, Team Leader, OCP PBoX or Project, or Experienced member with clear knowledge of Induction Topics.

PDU 2006-2007

What is the role of the Newie Buddy? Communication with new members and getting them to events and building social bonds Activity tracking and learning capture for activity Ensure education is on track and learning points are consolidated Integrate members into LC and all areas of AIESEC Ensure new members are receiving balanced view of everything in AIESEC Filling the gaps of activity coaching Getting feedback/evaluation of the induction...
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