Buddica: Ancient Woman Warrior

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Boudicca’s Revenge
Boudicca is one of history’s most powerful and respected women. According to historians her story was nearly lost until it was retold by a man named Tacitus, whose work, the Annals (109 AD), was rediscovered in 1360. However, her story was not regarded until it became popular during the reign of another queen who headed an army against another foreign invasion, Queen Elizabeth I. (Parke 1) Despite my efforts I could not find very much information on the life of Boudicca before she married and became the warrior queen we know today, so I have chosen to explain the story of how she became one of the most renowned women in history. According to my research, Boudicca was a part of a tribe of warriors by the name of Keltoi (Celts), whose history and can be traced back to 1200 BC. Historians believe pieces of their diverse culture can be found all over Europe and into England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Amongst the ancient Celts, surprisingly, women were equal to men and held a number of rights. Women’s marriage rights were especially well defined and permitted them the right of redress against offenses.

"A whole troop of foreigners would not be able to withstand a single Celt if he called his wife to his assistance. The wife is even more formidable. She is usually very strong, and with blue eyes; in rage her neck veins swell, she gnashes her teeth, and brandishes her snow-white robust arms. She begins to strike blows mingled with kicks, as if they were so many missiles sent from the string of a catapult." (Marcllinus)

Boudicca was married to a man by the name of Prasutagus, who was King of the Icenii in East England, which is now Norfolk and Suffolk. According to historians, in 43 AD, the Romans invaded Britain and most of the Celtic tribes were forced to submit. However, the Romans allowed two Celtic kings to keep some of their power, land and respect. One of these kings was Prasutagus. However in 47 AD, the Romans forced the Icenii to...
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