Buddhism vs Hinduism

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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The world has many different religons. Esspesilly in Asia, out of all of those reilgons Buddhism and Hinduism are the most popular beliefs. Buddhism and Hinduism are similar in many ways.There are both similarities and Non-similarities between the two religions starting from their "spiritual practices" to their beliefs . Both Buddhism and Hinduism was originated in India. Hinduism originated in 4000 BCE but Buddhism did not originate till about 536 BCE.

Believing in Reincarnation is one of the things buddhism and Hinduism have in common. Buddhism believes in the process of reicarnation based on the things you do in your present life. Hindusim also believes that someones soul reincarnates into another body based on the things you do in the present life. Hinduism include the thought of karma, getting results ; good or bad, eigther in this life or in a reincarnation. Where Buddhism also thinks the same thing, karma can last more than one lifetimee .

Both Buddhism and Hinduism believe in certain spiritual practices like meditation. For buddhism meditation is continued until the person reaches a nirvana. Buddhists pretty much meditate to free their minds from negative feelings and being in a state of nirvana. Same thing for Hinduism, They meditated because they wanted to free their minds from negative things.

Even though there are similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism, there are still many differences between them.For the Buddhist, they had nirvana, which pretty much means means the end of suffering. For Hindu, they had moksha which kinda means to "realease" from the sufferings of the worldd.So,The goals of the two religons were different. Hinduism called their final place Moksha while Buddhism called it Nirvana. For Buddhism, anyone can enter Nirvana, where as in Hinduism only the brahmans could achieve moksha. Another thing that was differnt between the two is Hindus believed in the four ashramas or 'stages in life'. Where as for Buddhism, it's...
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