Buddhism and the Eightfold Path

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  • Published : May 5, 2009
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Buddhists believed in order to reach a state of cessation, or nirvana, steps must be taken to achieve elimination of all suffering. These steps are considered to be the Noble Eightfold Path. The Eightfold Path consists of eight steps that lead to arahatship, the “state of one who has awakened” (Noss, pg. 182). These steps do not need to be completed in order, but can be obtained simultaneously. The eightfold path was created from the fourth truth of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, one of the most important teachings of Buddhism. A contemporary Buddhist would be able to live a life in our modern times, and be able to follow the eightfold path. The first step is right belief. This path simply means to believe in the Four Noble Truths, and view lifein its simplicity. A modern Buddhist would simply need to have a straight- forward way of life, to be able to see the true nature of their environment. The second step is right aspiration or purpose, also called right intention. This is considered to be a commitment to self- improvement, and a commitment to understanding the path to nirvana. This includes resisting the pull of desire, resistance to ill will and bad feelings, and resistance to violence and aggression. This path can be practiced by being kind to others and not having any bad thoughts or feelings towards others. The third step is right speech. Right speech is considered not speaking ill of others, always being honest, andto be genuine with others. This is an easy step for a modern Buddhist to follow. They just need to be honest to others and avoid hurtful talk. The fourth step is right conduct, which is also a practice of simplifying matters. This also includes the practice of precepts in Buddhism that include no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no destroying living beings, so on and so forth. In modern times, a Buddhist can live their way as simple as possible and avoid complications. The fifth step is right means of livelihood, which simply means...
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