Buddha's Earlobes

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Annotated Bibliography: Buddha’s Earlobes

Krishan, Yuvraj. "The Hair on the Buddha's Head and Uṣṇīṣa." East and West(1966): 275-289. This article represents explains the features of Budhaa as all-knowing, omnipotent and ubiquitous. The sculptures of Buddha have exaggerated features to explicate these features of Buddha to make them stand out sufficiently. According to this article, the elongated earlobes thus show that Buddha hears all that we say wherever we are, thus making Buddha all knowing. This presents the strength of the deity that the whole religion is based upon, and thus the abilities of the deity must stand out in all the aspects the religion manifests. The earlobes accentuate this by showing the abilities of the deity.

Lawergren, Bo. "Buddha as a musician: an illustration of a Jātaka story."Artibus Asiae 54.3/4 (1994): 226-240. This is an article that gives provides information about a musician and as a result has long earlobes. The story of Guttila and Musila who were prolific harpists and thus the long earlobes symbolize their inclusion in the deity Buddha. The populations relate with music deeply to levels that can inspire them. The artistic nature of music makes the people relate to aspects of themselves that they never knew before. Buddha as a prolific harpist appeals to the audiences with his music, and his ears are a symbol of this.

Seow, Jeffrey Chin Hean. Legend of the laughing Buddha. 2nd ed. Singapore: Asiapac, 2003. Print. Seow is a caricature artist that that reviews various cultures of the world and puts them in illustrations with explanations. This book on Buddhism explains the sculpture of Buddha and his features. He reviews the various features of the statue into detail to explain the details of the Buddhist religion. The information on Buddha’s earlobes in this book show that they meant Buddha had a lot of wisdom, and thus the elongated ear lobes. The Buddhist culture relates the ears of...
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