Buckle Company Merchandise Report - Apparel Buying

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Basic Information
Buckle is a specialty store
The store image specializes in casual fashions; earthy, rocker, and edgy bohemian styles including: a.Blacks, whites, greys , purples and blues
b.Chain, stud, and stone adornments
c.Intricate designs
d. lace and embroideries

Buckle Inc. was founded in 1948. It was formerly known as Mills Clothing Inc. and changed its name to Buckle in April of 1991. The company’s annual sales for 2010 total $898.3 million and are up 3% from last year. The store carries their own private label – BKE, along with a wide variety of other brands - these labels include Affliction, Hurley, Element, Roxy, Obey, Roar, Miss Me, Day Trip, Rock Revival, Big Star, and Sinful. Buckle Inc headquarters is located in Kearney, Nebraska and as of March 23, 2010 it operates 408 stores in 41 states.

Target Customer
Buckle targets customers which include young men and women between the ages of 12 and 24. The store engages in provide mid to higher- priced apparel products to customers that fit that class of income. According to Buckle.com “By department/class, last year our business was about 47 percent guys and 53 percent gals. By offering both guys and gals merchandise we have unique opportunities for merchandising and we gain flexibility in adapting to changing trends in fashion.” The merchandise reflects the age range description as well as price. Buckle products are casual and stylish to young men and women. The prices would be classified as medium to expensive, meaning that the income targets middle (especially higher middle class) to higher class incomes. The styles are accurate to both high school and young adult trends – according to the store manager Buckle caters to “every shape and size” and specialize in hard to find sizes. Buckle’s price points may suggest that although their target customer is typically a young adult, their parents may be the ones actually making the purchases. Chino Hills Demographics

According to the U.S Census of Bureau…

General Population – 78,971
Race – majority white 56.4%

Social Characteristics
Married with children- 70.4%
Never married
Men 32.9%
Women 27.7%

Men 59.3%
Women 57.67%
Less than 9th grade
High School grads
Some college
Associates Degree
Bachelors Degree

16 years and up
Highest percentile of population income
28% @ $100k- $149,999
Lowest percentile of population income
1.3% @ $10k- $ 14,999

Generation Y — those born between 1980 and 2000, also known as Millennial’s, call them Generation Me or Echo Boomers. In other words… social, fashion forward, city oriented young and free minded. ("United states census," 2009)

Chosen Classification with Key Vendors
The overall look of the store is both modern and inviting. The lighting is illuminating and the music is enjoyable, creating the perfect shopping environment. The departmentalization is eye flowing and the customer service is impeccable. The visual presentation analysis is conclusive. Buckle’s retail store creates an ambiance that is welcoming and uprising.


This BKE Westened Sweater exemplifies and reflects the needs and wants of its target customer. Details include; charcoal slim fit, raised argyle pattern quarter zip sweater. This item is exclusive and in addition, intricate attention to detail with genuine vintage appeal. Retails at $54.50.


Key item: Skinny & Bootcut denim
a)We reached this decision because both of these key items were carried by the largest number of brands and also the quantities of both of these items were the most broad and deep. They were placed in most displays throughout the store, and most signage was advertising skinny or bootcut denim.

b)The key item was merchandised by...
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