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1. Compare and contrast the 2 main characters of the story.


Edward Cole and Carter Chambers are two different people coming from opposing worlds. Cole was a billionaire who earned his fortune in the health care world while Chambers is a mechanic who is also a gifted amateur historian. He was divorced for a number of times while he had never been with any woman in his life but his wife alone. He was cranky but oddly charming while he showcases an extraordinary ease of being. He was a blabbermouth but he was relaxed and soft-spoken at all times. Even in their bucket lists, their contrasting personalities really shows. Cole added their mainly material things, those could be acquired if you have the money but Chambers chose a to-do list which sounds simple but quite complicated to attain. He was rich in money while he was rich in love from his wife, his children, his family.

2. Based on the film, how does cancer affect the person and the people around him?


Cancer affects the person and the people around him in so many ways. On the person, it unmasks his vulnerable side – sick, pained & frightened of death. It makes the person ponder on how he spent his life and how it would end. It makes the person think of how is he going to spend the last days of his life in a good way. It affects the people around him by letting them feel scared about their condition and what would come out of the tests they undergo. It brings their family closer, knowing they have each other to together fight that sickness.

3. What are the lessons one might learn from the film?


The lessons that one might learn from the film are to cherish every moment of our life each and everyday, live your life to the fullest before you lose it, we can be the spark in a dark room in our own little ways, we don’t need a lifetime to do something rather unforgettable for someone, just a short time and that...
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