Buck"S Adaptations

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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What if one day you were taken from your luxurious everyday life and thrown into a whole new world where you have no idea on how to make it on your own. In the novel, The Call of the Wild, written by Jack London, Buck, a pampered dog from California, was unexpectedly taken from his home and forced to live in the desolate Yukon wilderness there he learned that he had to make adaptations or you pay the consequences. When Buck got to his made to be destination, he was a fledgling. Throughout this book, Buck makes many adaptations that others could not. He didn’t know the laws of (“club and fang”), how to keep warm on cold bitter nights, live on small rations, be stealthy, nor did he know that you need to listen to those who are more intelligible. His first adaptation was with the laws of (“club and fang”). The man in the red sweater taught him the first part of this law: listen to those in charge and never mess with a man possessing a club. He learned the second part at Dyea beach: no fair play. Once down, that was the end of you. Buck sadly learned this by watching his friend, Curly, die of an unfair fight. Buck made many conversions compared to the Outsiders. After living is new life for certain amount time, he was able to live on small rations and keep warm at night by digging a hole in the snow covered ground. He was much more robust, had become much more ferocious, brave, and mean. He was especially more stealthy. All of these adaptations the Outsiders could not make. The Outsiders longevity was cut short thanks to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes. In a matter of days, all of the Outsiders eventually died due to starvation, exhaustion and bitter cold. “It is a saying of the country that an Outside dog starves to death on the ration of the husky.” “The Outside dogs, whose digestions had not been trained by chronic famine to make the most of little, had voracious appetites.” Once Hal, Charles, and Mercedes started to run out of food for the dogs, they rationed less...
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