Bubbling Lava Lamp

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  • Published : July 6, 2012
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Learning how to make a wave bottle


Lava lamps hold a special place in pop culture history, but there is a lot of science that we can learn from them, too. With the Bubbling Lava Lamp, you'll learn how to make a homemade, kid-safe lava lamp using materials right in your home. With a soda bottle, oil and water, and a secret ingredient that makes the whole thing fizz, bubble, and erupt, you'll have a colorful concoction you will love.

B1. Background of the Study

Parents tell us that water and oil do not mix. Using this theory, I thought of coming up with something that will amaze us like the way the snow globe does. But, in my project, I will make use of bubbling colors instead of snowflakes.

B2. Statement of the problem and objectives

By putting water and oil in one container and shaking to mix with one another, at the end, we will see that oil separates from water. This will prove that water is heavier or more dense than oil. To show the process of separation, I will inject a bubbling effect with the use of color and light.

B3. Significance of the project

From this, we will understand the reason why water and oil don’t combine as one mixture.

Based on the this understanding, we can do tricks to amaze people who see the liquid inside the container as one mixture.

B4. Delimitations/Limitations of the project/study

1. Use ordinary oil, water, fizzy tablet, food coloring, bottle and flashlight

2. Requires dark room to show the bubbling effect.

B5. Review of related literature

A multiphasic liquid is a mixture consisting of more than two immiscible liquid phases. Biphasic mixtures consisting of two immiscible phases are very common and usually consist of an organic solvent and an aqueous phase ("oil and water"). Multiphasic liquids are rare and only triphasic (three phases) and tetraphasic (four phases) are known. Multiphasic liquids can be used for...
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