Bubble World

Topics: English-language films, Comedy, William Goldman Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Bubble World
Advanced Placement Literature Composition

William Goldman is a very talented author and screenwriter. His style of writing is informal and easy to understand. He opens up with a story of his life as a boy and his father’s adventurous story. This all came across in a humorous tone. Goldman makes fun of our everyday blondes, plus sizes, and societies view on beauty.

In the preface, William is at a hotel in California talking to a gorgeous babe named Stacy Starling. They proceed in a conversation. Stacy tells him how she just loves his upcoming screenplay. She states that it is her “ favorite in the world” and she’d love to be in a film such as his. (17) We usually look at situations like this and wonder where have all the cells gone? In today’s world time and later years being blonde was all about looks. If she’s pretty then that’s all that matters. Everything is her favorite and anything can go.

Chapter One The Bride has another example of Williams’s satirical irony. He tells of a French scullery maid named Anette. Her biggest weakness was chocolates and other sweets she could find. Anette seemed not to mind that she gained a few pounds. Goldman explains how she was cheerier through this process. People often look at it as since someone is larger in size their either sad or happy. Even though the duchess plotted against anette, she still came out better than ever.

The final satire I spotted was in chapter five of the Announcements. “ Her skin was still wintry cream, but now with two hand maidens assigned to each appendage and four for the rest of her, it actually, in certain lights, seemed to provide her with a gentle, continually moving as she moved glow.” (98) In this section it pays to be beautiful. Buttercup came from dirt to riches once she hit royalty. It reminds us of how a person can be ordinary until a little makeup and light hit them. It’s unnecessary to have so many people to perfect ones’ every move.

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